Thursday, July 10, 2008

Long time no see

Hi! All the FE set 26 student, we are long time no see, how about your all? In the new sem i think many people are busy for their assignment, me too. Huh! now very busy oh! This post also wait untill finsih my work at 12.56am just free to type.
Hope your can make the more better life than before that. See your all again, if free remember find me chating at msn, no fee. haha! My email address for msn: and friendster:

Friday, June 27, 2008


After we have foundation english class, I thing the most valueable thing I got is ........friends!!! I really very happy and enjoy during the class and...... the time we practise the drama ......the most happy is the time when we are think back to the past time .And... I also very thanks to Mr. Akhdiat because I got chance learn the knowledge from him. To my foundation english classmate, our sir, Mr.Akhdiat and family of yours. Wish you all of your dream can became true , every can going with smoothly,our friendship is forever and success in future time, GOOD LUCK !!! From sau chon...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

my last paper..

wish me good luck for my next xam on 30th june..dis is my last paper for dis short sem..while all of u having ur nice holiday my friends and i are very buzy to finish up our project..alhamdulillah we have done our project and the presentation..
ermm i hope i can do my best for this graphic eng. paper..
about english xam last monday..entah la..hehe

Monday, June 23, 2008

epy oliday.....

happy holiday to all my friends in set 26 n en.akhdiat. i will miss u all. i am enjoy study in this class n i hope we will meet agains next sem although we are from different faculty.
tonight, i and zaima will return to our village. during this sem, i have many happy and sad experience. i'm happy because i got many friends who are open minded like you all and a great teacher like en.Akhdiat. i'm sad because, many thing that i have was lost. such as money that i tell u before. last week, my phones(dua2 tepun ilang) and my pendrive was lost too. it so sad. huhuhuhu. but, i accept it as a takdir and (dah x de rezeki). i dont know why my fate is so bad this sem..... i love my phone and my pendrive. the phone is a present from my father and one more phone is from my x-boyfriend. heheheh. the pendrive is also a present from my sis. now, i dont have anything that i love mores.......
why me who must to accept thia bad fate??????!!!!!!

bad luck gurlz,
assalamualaikum... to all my dear friend and to our sir akhdiat. when i wrote this, it was the night of 23 of june. at the morning we all together took final exam for foundation, i prayed to all my friends got success in the paper this morning.

tonight, my friend zakiah back to her village, maybe i will stay here until 26 sad. because i am going back with my friend together.

i think i will miss u all my friends in set 26. i am very luck because we together even came from variety of faculty rihgt?...

happy holiday...

eppy holiday to all my friends..hope enjoy ur holiday..i will miss u all..